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Please feel free to place a link to KB WeB development HuB! in your website. I have prepared some suggestions on this page but you may customize the links/text/images to fit your site.

If you use an image to link to http://web.webpany.com it would be great (but in no way required) if you could save the image (right click on the image and select 'Save picture as'), upload it to your server and edit the HTML code to link to the image on your server. Thank you!

1. Simple text link
KB WeB development HuB!

1.b 'Resources by' simple text link
KB WeB development HuB!

2. Descriptive text link
Web d Resources for your website at http://web.webpany.com

3. Text link with a short description
Free WeB development Resources - Browse Free WebdR for your website from http://web.webpany.com




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